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Recreational Burning Restrictions


Recreational Building Burning Restrictions- Village of Attica

  1. At any time a complaint is made regarding a fire or smoke from a fire, it will be extinguished immediately.
  1. All fires must be attended at all times by an adult at least 18 years of age.
  1.  A fire extinguisher or water hose will be available at all times.
  1. All fires shall be allowed only in an approved container. This includes and is limited to the following: natural gas or propane grills, camping grills, charcoal grills, and a permanently constructed masonry fireplace, which shall allow for a fire area no larger than 2x2 feet, and shall have a chimney which rises at least 6 feet above the base of the fire.  No fires are allowed on the ground.
  1. At no time will the flames reach higher than 2 feet above the base of the fire. (No large bon-fires)
  1. If the smoke from a fire or the fire itself becomes a nuisance or obstruction in any manner, IE: Obstructing the visibility of a village street, entering a neighboring home through the windows, dropping embers on neighboring property, it will be extinguished immediately.
  1. All fires must be a minimum of 50 feet from any and all structures on the owners property, and a minimum of 100 feet from any neighboring structures. Structures shall include but are not limited too: houses, garages, sheds, or any other types of wooden structures such as swing sets or tree houses.
  1. All fires must be a minimum of 100 feet from a village street.
  1. There shall be no obstructions directly above the fire such as trees, roofs or wires.
  1. The only allowable items that are allowed to be burned are: seasoned dry wood and charcoal. No brush, grass, leaves, construction material or garbage of any kind will allowed.
  1. No accelerant may be used, with the exception of charcoal lighter fluid. No gasoline or kerosene is allowed.
  1. No fires shall be allowed during any wind conditions which exceed 15 miles per hour.
  1. No fire shall be allowed during any type of air quality alert issued by the proper authorities. IE: Air stagnation alert.
  1. Fires shall be allowed between the hours of 5 and 11 p.m. only.
  1. Any other fires or controlled burn inside the village of Attica limits, must be approved by the Village Board and fire chief of the Attica Fire Department.