Village Board Agenda





NOVEMBER 21, 2017


7:00 P.M.




I.              Call to Order




                Others Present:


II.             Recommended Action:


                A.  Routine Matters


Approve minutes of regular meeting of 10/17/17                                                                                                     Enc.1


Recommended Action: that the minutes of the regular meeting of 10/17/17, be approved as presented.

                Roll Call:                   Prusak                    Montford                    Durfee                     Walker


Approve Claims                                                                                                                                                       Enc. 2

Recommended Action: that the following claims be approved and the Clerk instructed to draw checks therefore:                                                                                                                                         

                General Fund claims in the amount of $116,240.00 as set forth in Abstract #6

                Water Fund claims in the amount of $66,362.55 as set forth in Abstract #6

                Sewer Fund claims in the amount of $59,214.49 as set forth in Abstract #6


                Roll Call:                   Prusak                    Montford                    Durfee                     Walker





                PUBLIC SAFETY









  1. Old Business


  2. New Business



    2017-129 Return of unpaid taxes to Wyoming and Genesee County for relevy

    Recommended Action: that the Village Board approves the list of unpaid taxes for 2017 and orders the return of these taxes to the respective County. 

    Roll Call:           Prusak                    Montford                    Durfee                     Walker


    2016-130 Approve bank reconciliation report from treasurer for October 2017.

    Recommended Action: that the Village approves the bank reconciliation report from the Treasurer for the month ending October 2017.

    Roll Call:                   Prusak                    Montford                    Durfee                     Walker




    2017-131 Approve Library pay application

    Recommended Action: that the Village board approves the Library pay application #2 & #3 for the additions and renovations to Stevens Memorial Library.  The pay application #2 is for $19,940.50 and pay application #3 is for $37,781.50 from Galbo Construction, as authorized by the Stevens Memorial Community Library Board.


    Roll Call:                  Prusak                     Montford Durfee                     Walker



    2017-132 Proclamation 200th Anniversary of the Town of Amherst

    Recommended Action: that the village board approves the following proclamation:




    WHEREAS, The Town of Amherst, New York celebrates its Bicentennial in the year of 2018 and it is fitting to recognize the Town of Amherst on the occasion of this special milestone and to applaud its distinguished history; and

    WHEREAS, the Town of Amherst was officially created on April 10, 1819 from part of the Town of Buffalo (later known as the City of Buffalo), has a total area of 53.28 square miles, is the largest Town in Erie County, New York and includes the Village of Williamsville as well as the hamlets of Eggertsville, Getzville, Snyder, Swormville and East Amherst; and

    WHEREAS, In the nineteenth Century Amherst was a prosperous farming community with seven grist mills, several saw mills, a tannery and boot and shoe factory and two forges with commercial activity centered in Williamsville; and

    WHEREAS, the Town grew from being primarily a farming community to an urban community in the twentieth century with the creation of the new subdivisions, the building of the University of Buffalo Campus in Amherst and the location of the Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital within the Town; and

    WHEREAS, The Town today is comprised of 125,000 residents and provides many facilities and attractions including:  A four rink recreational facility that attracts national and international ice tournaments, a state of the art senior center, three libraries and a State Park, and

    WHEREAS, The Town of Amherst will proudly mark its 200th Anniversary with a series of celebrations throughout its Bicentennial Year, beginning on January 1, 2018 with a 200th Birthday Party, and continuing with a gigantic parade, historic walking tours, slogan contest, Interclub Service Club luncheon and gala Bicentennial Ball; and

    WHEREAS, In recognition of the Town of Amherst’s rich history and enduring contributions, it is indeed an honor to pay tribute to this Town upon the occasion of its Bicentennial; now therefore be it

    RESOLVED, that congratulations are sent to the Town of Amherst on their Bicentennial and the Town and its residents are to be enthusiastically recognized as they celebrate this auspicious occasion; and be it further

    RESOLVED, that a copy of this resolution, suitably engrossed, be transmitted to the Town of Amherst Bicentennial Commission.


    Roll Call:                   Prusak                    Montford                    Durfee                     Walker


2017-133 Snow plow purchase off NYS Contract

Recommended Action: the Village approves the NYS Contract PC67280, WBE discretionary specking 163 (6) and WBE certification #2005121965 for the purchase of a Western Star 4800 chassis with Valley Fab Snow plow package.  The total contractual price is $241,521.


Roll Call:                   Prusak                    Montford                    Durfee                     Walker



                1.  Treasurers report                                                                                                           Enc. 3

                2.  Justice report

                3.  Monthly bank balance                                                                                                   Enc. 4

                4.  Assemblyman DiPietro letter                                                                                       Enc. 5


IV.            ADJOURNMENT

Recommended Action: that the Board of Trustees adjourn the meeting at ______P.M.


        Roll Call:                   Prusak                    Montford                    Durfee                     Walker

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